Second CurrentCost display has arrived


Happy to report that my second CurrentCost display has arrived, just a day after ordering it off eBay from CurrentCost themselves. A bargain at just £15 plus postage, it enables me to have this unit on our kitchen worktop, while the other is connected to my server ready to connect to the web service I am developing.

A quick update on that: having had so much fun so far creating an infrastructure capable of handling the current cost data, I have decided to extend it so that other users from around the world can publish and share their sensor data, not just from the current cost. I know, I know… there’s also the very good Pachube out there for those who are inclined to use it, but I figured what I’d like to do is offer something a bit more consumer friendly, with graphing and social features as well.

If anyone is interested in helping me test this out (or even in lending a hand with the design and build), do get in touch. More on the current project progress soon…