Logitech WiLife – Wireless Professional CCTV


I heard about Logitech’s digital video security system today: WiLife. It’s a wireless, ‘professional quality’ digital home/small business security surveillance system. It is aimed for non-professionals (or non-geeks) and looks to be truly plug and play.

The examples that I’ve seen look to be reasonably high quality (if a little staged!), and the system itself looks very easy to install – just insert the cd, install the software, and locate and plug the wireless cameras into the mains electrical system. Bingo.Job done.

The system supports up to five cameras, I believe, and you can mix both indoor/outdoor cameras in any combination. Interested? If the price were to come down a bit, I think I would be. Right now, the “master kit” costs £211.91+VAT, and each indoor or outdoor camera costs £169.36+VAT (www.dabs4work.com).