Windows Vista – RAM/Memory Page Faults


Some time ago, I saved all my pennies and purchased a then high-spec PC manufactured by Evesham Technology, a company that a short while ago went bankrupt. Unfortunately, things with the PC started to go a bit weird just after that. I first had to replace the motherboard, which had given up the ghost entirely. But recently, I had another problem.


  • Apparently random ‘frezzing’ of applications and system processes
  • Thousands of “Hard Faults” showing under the Memory section in Reliability and Performance Monitor


Enlisting the help of a friend, upon popping open the case, we found amongst the 4GB of RAM were two very cheap and nasty looking 1GB memory sticks mixed with two awesome-looking Crucial Memory sticks. The two sticks from each manufacturer had two different speeds – so on a whim we hoicked out the dodgy-looking brand, leaving only the 2GB from Crucial Memory.

A little surprisingly, this meant that the PC now boots in < 40 seconds (vs. ~120 seconds before) and Hard Faults per minute are right down:

Reliability and Performance Manager

So far, so good. My Vista Ultimate system is now running on 2GB RAM at approximately twice the speed of the previous 4GB installation. Depending on how the system operates over the next few days, I’ll purchase 2 x 1GB replacement sticks identical to the current Crucial sticks as a replacement to the dodgy-looking sticks.