Release Notes: Reading Traffic v1.3


I’ve just submitted an update to my Reading Traffic Info app for Windows Phone 8 and it’ll hopefully be available for download in the Windows Phone marketplace within the next week (subject to certification testing).

This new version, 1.3, focuses on some improvements to the overall app usability as well as the introduction of a new feature, the “favourites spy”, which lets you view just the latest thumbnails from your favourite cameras in a vertical list, that updates automatically.

In addition, now that the number of users is growing to a reasonable size (and crucially, the number of repeat users is pretty high), this version incorporates a number of backend features to allow me to collect anonymised telemetry about how the app is being used. This is especially useful when considering that I only get a few hours per week, maximum, during my otherwise ‘free time’, to maintain the app: so knowing where to invest that time is absolutely crucial!

Release Notes

  • Fixed some minor problems with 6 of the cameras in the feed; thanks for the error reports.
  • Updated the application bar on the main menu (added a ‘settings’ icon, and a ‘favourites spy’ icon)
  • Removed the ‘settings’ application bar menu item (because it’s now replaced with an icon button)
  • Created a ‘favourites spy’ feature, which shows you auto-refreshing thumbnail images from all the cameras you’ve marked as ‘favourite’, in a single, vertically-scrolling list
  • Added landscape support to the camera detail page (click to view a specific camera, then rotate into landscape orientation to go full screen on the camera image).
  • Incorporated Flurry analytics to help me figure out which cameras are most popular among users, as well as where people are when they use the app (i.e. proximity to the cameras they’re looking at). This should help me design new features that make the app easier to use, and more useful. If you want to disable this functionality, you have to disable location services (which you can do either in the app itself (tap settings > location services) or in the phone O/S itself.