DDD Southwest 3 – Review of my presentation


Slides everywhere, but not a coherent flow in sight! 🙂

Way back on 11th June 2011, I was lucky enough to be invited to present my session – “Getting Started in .NET” – at the DDD Southwest 3 conference. I remember thinking, “gosh, I’d really love to speak at one of these events but I missed the deadline for submitting sessions”. So, I pinged an email over to Guy Smith-Ferrier and asked him if they needed any help, thinking maybe they’d want room monitors or other volunteers to ferry folks around. As it turned-out, Guy actually still had two slots to be filled on the ‘Getting Started’ track. And this is how my presentation was born…

Nervous? Me?

It was to be the first training session I’d ever given on a topic such as this, so I was both very excited and a little nervous (geeks can be so nit-picky!).

Fortunately though, the bunch of folks that attended my session (some 30-odd I think) were all very friendly and eager to listen – I couldn’t have asked for a better group!

In the top 3? No way!

In fact, I think they were so nice they voted me in to the Top 3 “Speakers by Knowledge of Subject” and “Speakers by Presentation Skills” – accolades that I will soon be transferring onto a tattoo on my forehead, such is the level of my humility (and astonishment!) at appearing here with these two other fantastic speakers. Maybe it had something to do with the fact I was lobbing ‘Telerik Ninjas’ – stress toys – at anyone who asked a question (as a reward, folks – not as punishment)…

By Knowledge of Subject

  1. Steve Sanderson and Getting Started in ASP.NET MVC – 8.88 out of 10
  2. Richard Campbell and Why Web Performance Matters – 8.85 out of 10
  3. Richard Parker (that’s me!) and Getting Started in The .NET Framework – 8.56 out of 10
By Presentation Skills
  1. Richard Campbell – 8.73 out of 10
  2. Richard Parker – 8.33 out of 10
  3. Steve Sanderson – 8.30 out of 10

Looking for the slides?

If you attended and are looking for a copy of the presentation, you can download it below. Well, it’s actually a PDF – handier if you want to stick it on your Kindle, for example.

Getting started with .NET (PDF, 2.4MB)

Find out when your next DDD event is

If you’ve never been to a DDD event, then stop whatever it is you’re doing right now (well, after you’ve finished reading this post, of course) and go figure out when the next one is. They’re all over the place now – even Australia! It won’t cost you a penny to go as the events are all supported by sponsorship, so you’ve really got no excuse to go. The speakers are excellent (yes, even at the events I don’t speak at) and you’ll get a chance to mingle with some very friendly and amazing folks.

I’ve attended these events in the past as a delegate and have always had an absolutely brilliant time. And, this time around I was fortunate enough to be able to attend as a speaker; an experience I enjoyed thoroughly and would love to repeat again (if they, and you, Dear Reader) will have me again …

The .NET community, put simply, rocks. You guys are awesome!


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