Upgrading the Arduinometer: Introducing the Netduinometer!


Back in early 2010, I announced the beginning of my open-source “Arduinometer” project, and released the code and schematics to build your own. This year, I’ll be upgrading the Arduinometer (running on the Arduino platform) to the Netduino: running the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework and is also open-source.

The Netduino Board

The Netduino Plus offers on-board LAN as standard, and together with a much richer toolset (the Visual Studio 2010 environment is far superior to the Arduino environment) I am planning to include the following additional features:

  • Support for up to 16 metered devices
  • Compatibility with pulse-output, photoreflective and magnetic counters
  • Web-based administrative interface
  • EEML output (for Pachube, and others etc.)

This project is still very much in the planning phase so I am keen to hear suggestions and your feedback before I get too stuck in. So, if there’s anything you think would be a particularly good idea, please get in touch. If you’d like to get involved a little further and sink your teeth into writing some code, drop me an email or leave a comment on this post and we’ll see about setting you up with access to the repository.

Happy metering!


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  1. I’d be realy grateful if you would visit…


    …. and tell me if the information there is more or less right!

    I’ve started a thread in the Aruduino Forums, Hardware/ Interfacing thread… “Pachube…” where you could “tell everyone”. No offense taken at critical comments! I just want to get Pachube out of my system!!!!

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