CurrentCost Electricity Consumption and Temperature now available online


Just a quick note to point you in the direction of my new “eHome” page on my blog. It uses a CurrentCost meter to read electricity usage and temperature data from my home, via the superb Pachube service. As I gradually purchase new sensors, I’ll update the page to include data from those, too.


3 thoughts on “CurrentCost Electricity Consumption and Temperature now available online

    • Richard


      Thanks for the comment. Next up on my list is outside temperature, but there would appear to be so many options, and most of them are expensive as they are ‘professional’ solutions. I don’t want to add a full-blown weatherstation, either. Following that, I’d like to build my own gas-meter reader.

      On the temperature front, I have been doing a bit of research into the Dallas 1-Wire protocol, which I subsequently found out was quite expensive to purchase the ethernet kit for, or, an option which is growing on me, buying an Arduino and an analog temperature probe and trying to build something myself (I quite like this option as it gives me an excuse to learn something new!). Of course, the arduino should also make for a suitable platform for creating something capable of reading the gas meter!

      As an asside, have you seen This guy has taken home automation and datalogging to the extreme.

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